LVC Modeling & Simulation

CAMO Experts lead all domains to enable the successful development, integration, testing and execution of multi-site LVC environments to address customer questions. Our Operations Subject Matter Experts and Analysts use Design of Experiments concepts and set effectiveness and performance measures to determine data collection requirements for each site; develop mission threads and use cases for evaluation and develop testable requirements for the network-software components; perform Verification and Validation (V&V) of the integrated environment. Team collects, organizes, reduces and reports on data and measures meeting customer objectives.

  • Infrastructure/Integration: System Engineering of networks, cross-facility exchanges, simulation functions; Infrastructure Testing and Monitoring; 2016 – supporting AFRL/RCC across multiple sites to develop Virtual Interoperable Capability Exploration (VICE) Laboratory
  • Test Management: Experts facilitate LVC and Facility selection, Execution Team operations, workshops and working groups; developed processes for and executed Air Force Integrated Collaborative Environment (AF-ICE) events; Lead for Future Air Dominance LVC evaluation across multiple Air Force Research Laboratory directorates
  • Operational Development: Experts develop emerging systems concepts, integrate legacy and advanced systems, generate mission threads and architecture products for implementation (OV/SV); Led multi-site and customer team to determine advanced data link integration options for 5th to 4th generation communications
  • Test Setup/Analysis: Experts develop assessment and test plans for system and System-of-system evaluations, perform multi-site experimental design and data collection and reduction plans, coordinate and evaluate data during and after events; Developed integrated analytical plan with associated data collection and management for Air Ground Integrated Layer Exploration (AGILE) series of events supporting multiple customers and initiatives

Distributed LVC Leadership Contact
Ed Rinke