T&E and Tech Demo Experts

CAMO has extensive recent and on-going experience in all areas of DoD Test & Evaluation. Our experts have executed the full range of T&E processes as identified for developmental planning and all DoD 5000 series T&E activities. CAMO personnel have directly assessed systems throughout the development and sustainment lifecycle and produced reports on system performance and effectiveness. CAMO T&E manages and executors have/are supporting integrated testing – collaboratively planning and executing tests utilizing Test Team or Integrated Product Team constructs to ensure all contractor and government objectives are addressed throughout the complete continuum of test activities.

CAMO’s Experienced Airborne Test Conductor/Flight Test Engineers construct DT & OT Test Plans, develop KPP/COI, MOE, MOP build & traceability matrices, perform Range Control Center Test Management, and provide Net-Ready & Interoperability Assessments.

During this support, CAMO has obtained significant expertise in the development of Test Coordination activities and Products, to include:

  • Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)
  • Systems Engineering Plans (SEP) Demo & Test Plans
  • Scoping & Test Resource Plan (TRP) inputs
  • Integrated Test Team (ITT) leadership and Test Plan Working Group (TPWG) expertise

T&E and Tech Demo Experts Coordinator
Brent Richburg
EMail: brichburg@camollc.com