Cyber Analysis & Human Factors Engineering

CAMO provides innovative solutions to AFLCMC Program Offices and the 711 HPW/RHCV’s Cyber Visualization Group. We are part of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers who design user interfaces and novel visualiztions for a variety of operators in the cyber domain, as well as to operators responsible for the cyber aspect of other domains.

CAMO Cyber SMEs support IATO/ATO processes in support of Platform IT (PIT) certification for major weapons systems.

Using our expertise in the Human Factors Design Process, we contribute to the iterate design, prototyping and testing of visualization applications, including:

  • Knowledge elicitation with subject matter experts to generate interface design requirements and identify key metrics of performance
  • Working with multi-disciplinary teams to develop high fidelity simulation environments
  • Working with in-house subject matter experts to develop ecologically valid tasks for evaluation purposes
  • Conducting design of experiments for human in the loop evaluations
  • Recruiting appropriate participants for human in the loop evaluations
  • Supervising data collection for human in the loop evaluations
  • Conducting preliminary data analysis of objective and subjective data
  • Developing technical reports and papers
  • Presenting research results at professional conferences

We also have experience in the following domains:

  • Cyber visualization, for both offensive and defensive purposes
  • RPA operations (pilot and sensor operator)
  • AC-130 Gunship operations
  • Dynamic route planning for low observable long range strike aircraft
  • Human interaction with complex automation
  • Experience with usability analysis of concept interface designs

Cyber Subject Matter Expert
Bruce Deerhake